Tuesday, 29 June 2010

They're coming to get you!

Nightmares, dark things, enough said.  Just a silly little five minute painting I thought I would share done with watercolours.


Andrea x


Kim Dellow said...

Wonderful! I love how you have just knocked this off in five min! Wow! Mouth open in surprise! Full of Grungy darkness. Kim

Netty said...

I am in awe of your talent Andrea, this is brilliant and in 5 mins........it takes me longer than that to draw an apple.......lol I love it, fab. Annette x

Mina said...

in five mins...wow girl how talented are you....its very spooky though and reminds me of a few nightmares I have had lol
Mina xxx

Nicks said...

5 minutes?? 5 minutes?? Gawd woman! you can come over for a makeover if you teach me how to do awesome work in 5 minutes
Thanks for visiting my blog!