Thursday, 17 February 2011

Hand Painted Furniture

I was going through my external hard drive and found some pics of hand painted mirrors and boxes etc. It was shortly after I started painting and had my first child, I painted a giraffe on his wardrobe. Then got some people asking if I would paint them something. So I did it for friends and family and thought that I might sell the stuff but I then proceeded to have two more children and that got left in the dust. So just thought I would share with you some of my first attempts at painting, I was a late starter.

This horse one below was for my niece who is horse crazy:

Below was for my middle daughter:

Below was for my Mum as she loves flower fairies:

This mickey mouse one was for a friend who had a little boy:

This was for my SIL's friend:

This one was just a mish mash of peter pan which my kids use for their dolls house to sit on:

Spitfire for a nephew (which I have been told is incorrect):

Below Peter Rabbit clock for my niece:

This one was for my second cousin:

The Simpsons one was for my kid's bathroom:

This one was for my nephew who is footie daft:

This was for my nephew called Jack:

 Below was for a niece:

Other side of above box:

This was for our friend who had a baby:

This Spongebob was for another nephew:

Below was the box for my niece before background painted:

Chair for my son (has been painted over as too babyish for him now):

 This was for another niece and we sponsored a panda and put the documents inside with a little panda teddy:
This was for a friends little sister:

This was for an old work colleague's daughter:

This was for another niece which I had to rush hence the pathetic mirror mirror part.  That is an actual painting of my niece.

This was for my MIL (we filled it like a hamper), the main is her dog now and the other two were dogs she had:

And below was my very first attempt which was for my son's wardrobe when he was born.

This was the back side of the spongebob painted for my nephew.

A toybox for my son (he is a total space cadet)

Below is a clock for my cousin's litte girl:

The owl mirror was for my friend's baby.

And these last two were for our friend's daughters who both love westies.

My goodness if you have lasted even past the first one a big pat on the back.

Andrea C x


Jane said...

(patting myself on the back here LOL) WOW! Andrea these are all incredible!! You're so clever! Love the owl the best! hugs, Jane x

Creepy Glowbugg said...

Wow Andrea, you are quite the painter! Really nice art. I used a projector to trace the images and then painted Dr. Seuss murals on my son's walls when he was born. It was hard work even with the help of the projector. Is all of your art freehand or do you use some tracing? It is amazing either way. Once again, you R-O-C-K!

Andrea C said...

Wow the Dr Seuss mural sounds brill would love to see a pic. I just hand draw them then paint. I'm too lazy to trace haha x

Pops x said...

Wow you have been busy, what gorgeous creations, i am sure they are greatly loved, especially as they are hand made makes them special, hugs pops x

coops said...

wow, these are fantastic andria.i love the boys space themed box :D

xx coops xx

Croms' Cubby Hole said...

Wow Andrea. ALL these projects are amazing. It's easy to see the love and care that went into each and every item.

stephanne said...

Oh my gosh woman, what can't you do? You paint, colour, sculpt, draw, such wonderful works, I'm gonna fly you out here to paint a train mural for my son. I wil pay you in KFC, lol, I saw your KFC box down a couple of posts, hehe.
hugs, stephanne

DonnaMundinger said...

Andrea, is there nothing you dan't do? You're one amazing artist!! xxD

PhilH said...

That's a lot of projects!! Great work Andrea, I'm in awe of how much quality work you've done in addition to your regular posts and most of it's for friends and family too, well done.