Monday, 14 March 2011

Macabre Mondy HDH080 - Alas Poor Yorick

This week the challenge at Haunted Design house is skulls, skulls and more skulls.  Now I left it to the last minute and my entry is S.....!  Hubby actually said hmm not the best thing you have ever done.

This is a close up of the heart I made with the skull painting in the middle.  I painted it with acrylics.

I attached it to a folder which I keep all my guff in.

This was another frame I did that was also very guff.

Well I happen to have seen the delightful stuff that some of the minions have created and so so so much better than this hehe (I know wouldn't be very dang hard!).

Anyway I seriously had a hard time with this as the kids have been stuck in with the bad weather.  They haven't left me alone for two bloomin seconds, building dens, playing quizzes, chases, drawing and cutting etc etc etc.  The plus side though my little D'Arcy used the potty three times yesterday so we are getting there.

This week the sponsor is the most talented Gloria aka Creepy Glowbugg.  She is offering up a $20 prize for her etsy shop.  Have a look and see what wonderful jewellery, ornaments, cards and notebooks she has to offer.  Seriously get your thinking caps on and get entering for a chance to win this fabulous prize.

Andrea C x


Teri said...

Kids eh? Who'd 'av'em?? Glad my three are past the potty stage, still wanting attention all the time though. What is it with kids these days - God, I used to play by myself all the time. . . sad b**ch huh??!! LOL

DonnaMundinger said...

Quit being so hard on yourself, Andrea! Love the sort of surprised looks on your skully faces. Like they just figured out they were dead, LOL. Love it! Best of luck with the potty training. Cats train themselves, thank GOD! xxD

Mina said...

well I hate to disagree but I think its brilliant Andrea...fantastic idea too
Mina xxx

Netty said...

What the heck is Guff Andrea just in case I have any..........would love to know.
I adore your skull and Donna is right you are way too hard on yourself my very very talented friend. Annette x

coops said...

these are brilliant andria, am loving the fab skulls :D

xx coops xx

Marlene said...

Your skully faces are creepily cute! I can't believe you're potty training AND churning out so much craftiness! you rock, girl!

Mandy said...

Fabulous work,I agree with Marlene they are creepily cute...Brilliant idea and brilliant work...
Mandy x

Kim Piggott said...

Utterly amazing work Andrea!
kim x

CuddlyBunny said...

WOW! I love your skulls, and wish I could paint so well!

If I'd tried to paint a skull it'd be a oblong blob with three black dots. Basically a polkda-dot balloon. Ick.

Yours are FANTASTIC!