Saturday, 30 April 2011

HDH 400 Followers Blog Candy

OMG you have to go and check this out I have a pick here but there is a list of all the amazing candy that is on offer over at Haunted Design House for reaching 400 followers.

How much cool stuff is that! 
Now there are a few simple rules to be entered into the blog candy which are:

Step 1: MUST be a follower of the haunted design house blog (duh... that's the whole point to this tasty goodness)

Step 2: Leave a comment on their post here ... any comment... sucking up is not required (though enjoyed) & will not sway the randomness of selecting a winner ;)

Step 3: Totally optional, but if you choose to post about this blog candy on your blog, please come back and leave another comment on the haunted design house blog  for an extra chance to win.

We will leave this open for commenting until next Friday, May 6th at 6pm central-standard time (US). And MAYBE we'll announce the winner the following day :)

So get your candy lovin butts over to Haunted Design House for a chance to win this luscious swag.

Andrea C x


Sunshineshelle said...

Following Blog, how could I not... it's SWEET (pun intended LOL) I could suck up but rather suck on the Blog Candy ;)

craftattack said...

Hi Andrea, thanks for visiting my blog. Crazy people are always welcome, nice to meet you! I was at that Haunted House blog, too, great, as Halloween is my rave-fave festival. Hugs from germany, Valerie

Sunshineshelle said...

You are such a cutie :) I followed both LOL... but I'm married to a Scot so I told him, look I've got a Scottish pal ;) Been twice... where do you reside???

Marlene said...

Hi, pleased to meet you and thanks for stopping by. Thanks for the link to this sweet giveaway.

Netty said...

Such fab prizes and who wouldn't want the springy spiders.......Have a great weekend Andrea, Annette x