Wednesday, 26 October 2011

My Sons Halloween Mask

Well after trying out the makeup I ordered some liquid latex and my son wanted to go as a skeleton for halloween so I had started work on a mask I got out of poundland and added some papier mache then added some latex then some fake blood.  I don't think he can wear it though as they will be having their party with the primary ones eeek.

It turned out pretty scary if I do say so myself it is even ickier in real life.

Below is what the mask looks like untouched.

Anyways how cool is liquid latex?

Andrea C x


craftattack said...

Scarily coooooooooool! Valerie

McCrafty's Cards said...

this is fabulous Andrea, you have done a great job, and yes I agree liquid latex is well cool, my wife makes moulds of things like buddahs with it,and then makes them in stone cast.
Kevin xx

Marlene said...

Wow - that is freaky!! It's enough to give me Speaking of which, I had a freaking nightmare last night that zombies were chasing me! It did not end well!!! One bit me!

ike said...

Ooooh fabbo - this came out really amazing :-) I think he should wear it after all hahahaha

coops said...

wwooooohhhh nelly!!! that is absolutely fantastic have really made a well creepy and gruesome mask, love it ;D

xx coops xx

Amy* said...

Wow! Freaky and fabulous!! You went Hollywood style horror movie on that mask...awesome job!!

Kim Piggott said...

Oh wow this is amazing!
He is going to scare the begeezers out of everyone, brilliant job!
kim x

Frances said...

Amongst the Masks I've seen in stores, this definitely takes the cake for scaring me as soon as I saw it in this post.