Tuesday, 16 October 2012

HDH155 - RIP

Am late posting this should have been Monday but the littlest one is poorly at the moment so it is today.

The challenge at haunted design house this week is that has anything to do with cemeteries, coffins, headstones, or funerals. Any and all things resting in peace.

I decided to use my time playing with the kids to my advantage mwahaha. We were playing lego and all had to create something and guess what the others had made. Kieran made a star wars rebel base, Alexandria made a shop, D'Arcy made a mess and well I told them it was a scene from Paranorman but just said that to make it acceptable to them lmao. Eek your Mum is a freak!

I present my lego zombie grave scene:

The skeleton bodies lying about are from lego Ninjago, the creature in the grave is Gollum, the creature with the chain on his neck is the Hulk and the fence is from my daughters lego collection the axe wielding guy is a mixture of lego minfigures.  I LOVE lego.  Think I am the only mother that does, we often get the lego down both my sons and my daughters and move the rug from the living room and create little scenes (usually not graveyard ones, more spaceships and houses etc).
Anyway let us see what you guys can come up with.  The sky is the limit!
Andrea C x


Teri said...

You are so funny hun! I would never have thought to create using Lego! Awesome!
Hope the wee one is getting better now, hugs to the poor dear!

mark gould said...

lol, I love this, I mean, who does not love lego. I have a few of the figures on my shelf, the zombie and hash mat suit guy. Am going to start a project soon on a lego display case I saw at the weekend.

Netty said...

Your children are terrific and so are you, a talented family. xx

coops said...

just fantastic hun,.going to dig out jacks lego now :D

xx coops xx

Croms' Cubby Hole said...

I love how inventive you are Andrea!! One medium I would never have thought of and it's worked out perfectly!!