Monday, 7 January 2013

HDH158 - Freakers Free For All

We are back, that's right!  Haunted Design House is back in full wicked force.

Okay folks, same rules as last year, except we are making this
a bi-monthly/fortnightly challenge.
Now you have two weeks to participate in our Macabre Monday challenges!!!
Consider it our little gift to you for 2013.

Today's challenge is an easy one,
Freaker's Free for All

You are to create a dark, Gothic, or Hallowe'en based art piece
with no other limitations.
Anything goes!!!!

This week I have chosen to do a digital piece as we are getting our garage converted this month so I have not much access to craft stuff.  On the plus side when the garage is converted I will have my own space to craft to my heart's desire.

The image used is a Rick St Dennis MFA which can be purchased from his etsy shoppe here.


I can't wait seriously for the next part of the third series of The Walking Dead.  I love it.  Luckily I got season 1 and 2 for my Christmas woohoo so am watching that at mo to tide me over.

Well come on easy peasy lemon pie give the dark side of crafting a little try.

Andrea C x


Creepy Glowbugg said...

So funny! I bought Tomm both seasons of TWD for Xmas as well! We're halfway through Season 2 right now.
Darryl just had a close call in the creek with a couple of walkers and then that waste of air, Andrea shot him!
It's filling a void, that's for sure.
Can't wait for Feb.!!

Teri said...

Ha-ha! Love the wee ditty!
Can't wait to see what you craft when your room is up and running, lucky you! xxx

mark gould said...

lmao, love the easy peasy line. the Zomb looks cool, I should really grab a few of his designs Mfa withstanding ;)
so glad the challenges are back and well jell of your new crafty space ;)

DonnaMundinger said...

Fabulous, Chickie! He really looks like he's oozing. Gotta catch up on this. Lucky you and Glo with the vids. xxD

coops said...

love this andrea.fantastic image and design.hubby has series one on dvd, we need series two now ;D

xx coops xx

Netty said...

FAB, x