Friday, 12 March 2010

Papier Mache Dragon Head

My son got a letter home on the Wed after school saying they were having a party on the Monday at school with a Fairyland theme. My son stated that he was going as a dragon, eeek. Could we get a dragon costume, could we... So my only solution was to make him one. I got an old knight's helmet that he no longer used and papier mached over it, added some ping pong balls for the eyes. I used Anita's 3d gloss to make the eyes look shiny. I really only had about 5 or six hours to do the costume. I also made a tail and sewed it on to a green top, painted some cardboard wings and added a big fat dragon tummy to the top. I will add pics of that later, it didn't turn out too great but.

I told my son I was finished, he is 5 years old, don't you just love their honesty. He looked at me with some disdain hehe and said Mummy I asked for a dragon not a frog hahaha. I nearly had a fit laughing. I had made teeth spikes etc but didn't have time to do it as you probably know drying papier mache is a nightmare especially in this country hmm.


Jane said...

OMG Andrea!!! This is amazing!!! You are so clever! Wow, I really can't stop looking at it it is so good! I just asked my little boy, also five, to come and look and asked what costume did he think it was for and he said dragon instantly LOL!! Can't wait to see the rest of it! hugs, Jane xxx

Jodi said...

Wow!! How awesome! I just can't believe how cool this is, such great talent you have!!
Jodi =)

Mina said...

this is brilliant perfectly made
Mina xxx

Kim Piggott said...

What a fantastic mummy you are Andrea!
Your son is so lucky to have you make his amazing costume. I think this is awesome!
kim x

Amy said...

OMGosh that dragon is WAY COOL... you've got mad skillz girl! :)