Monday, 15 March 2010


My hubby bought me some watercolour pencils to try. So I decided to start with something quite simple and painted my favourite little bird the robin red breast (although it looks more orange to me!).

It's not great but okay for a first attempt. Personally I really want to try oil painting and have some oil paints but not sure how to start. I love acrylics, watercolours are so unforgiving with mistakes you make. With acrylics you can rectify any mistakes.

Anyway seems I haven't made a card for ages as my craft storage space is a total mess and I have no time to clean it, whereas I can paint on the coffee table when the little ones are about but if I brought craft stash out they would go nuts haha.



Mina said...

its stunning Andrea, if this is a first attempt cant wait to see what else you come up with
Mina xxx

POPPET said...

Robins are my favorite thing and we are ucky to have a nest every year, this is just gorgeous and a perfect breast colour, hugs Pops x

stephanne said...

I think it turned out lovely and that is great that you have found a way to sneak in a bit of artsy time without the kids catching on, hehehe, I need to learn that skill!!
Take Care,