Saturday, 17 April 2010

First attempt at sculpting

Finally I am back online after practically a whole month. Well yet again another first attempt, this time sculpting with newclay. I always wanted to try sculpting and my hubby thought that I should give it a go so bought me some sculpting tools and clay.

My hubby said the chest is well let's just say wasn't very realistic looking. You would think I could get that right. I know it's not great but I am not disheartened as the more I practice I think I should improve.

Andrea x


Janette said...

wow,totally amazed at your first's must be a natural,stick with it,would love to see more.x

Pops x said...

This is fab i cannot believe it is your first go, amazing hugs Pops x

Amy said...

Wow! This is fantastic for a first attempt of sculpting, especially of a human body! I'm very impressed!

Mina said...

Im astonished this is your first attempt Andrea...sculpting is very hard and ask your husband which chest hes comparing it with because I would mind a nice pair like that lol
Mina xxx

Netty said...

Its terrific, can hardly believe you have done this sort of thing before. Its just fab. Annette x