Monday, 9 August 2010

Some Sketches

I am just uploading some drawings here as I lost a whole load of drawings when my last laptop died on me and my daughter got up on the table and snapped the memory stick (the backup) while it was in the laptop.  So just disregard these posts hehe.

 I know I know I never finish anything properly haha my husband always shouts FOCUS haha.  I am a total scatterbrain and never really get much finished and if I do it is always rushed and never what I want.

Andrea x


Netty said...

ooh Andrea they are fab, love the way you do your mouths, I have great difficulty with them and your proportions are terrific, lol still working on that one........ Enjoy your day, Annette x

Janette said...

WOW how fabulous are these....oh I would give anything to be able to draw....gorgeous model to.xx

Mina said...

oh wow Andrea these are amazing...your shading is perfect
Mina xxx

Angela said...

Your drawings are jsut gorgeous!! I wish I could draw!! Well that will never happen I better just stick with other peoples drawing and coloring them!!

Seth said...

disregard this post??? never. these drawings are spectacular!