Thursday, 9 December 2010

My Brother the Zombie

After perusing Phil Hynes site and not really having the money to actually have him make my brother into a zombie, I decided to make my own.  Now this guy Phil Hynes is a genius with clay and if I had the money I would defo have got him to do it as he is extremely talented, so defo check out his site.

Now my brother is an extremely good looking guy this does resemble him but I have managed to make him not so attractive hmm.  That is a playstation 3 controller in his hand and his fingers are bitten off and so is his mouth.

  The armature

 I baked using fimo first to have a hard base.

Once the Super Sculpey had been baked and before I painted him with acrylics

My zombie brother will not obviously be even close to his standard but for the time being it will have to do.  My brother and I love vampire/zombie/horror movies and have done since we were kids so I decided it would be fun to make him one for this birthday which is just after christmas.  It isn't finished as I am making our cat Willow into a zombie too she is a russian blue cat (very gorgeous looking little thing), I also need to make a base (which hubby will be doing).

Andrea C x


Creepy Glowbugg said...

I think that Phil had better look out! There's a new Zombie maker in town and her name is Andrea! Oh my! This is awesome! Now I don't know what your brother actually looks like, but this is so realistic and detailed! Truly stunning work Andrea. Your brother has got to LOVE it! If he doesn't, I do!

Angela said...

AWESOME Andrea!!! Your work totally amazes me!! The things you can do with clay!! I agree with Gloria and your brother has got to love it!!

PhilH said...

Andrea this is fantastic! Plenty of room for Zombie sculptures and you've done an excellent job on your brother. Looking forward to seeing Willow.

Netty said...

Sorry am laughing my head off not literally so don't even go there you macarbe creature you........
I love it really and you are so blooming clever. Annette xx

coops said...

oh wow!! this is fantastic.i love how gruesome you have made it and amazing painting of the clothes and skin :D

xx coops xx

Mina said...

I think Phil Hynes would be seriously impressed Andrea, your Brother will love this its fantastic
Mina xxx

DonnaMundinger said...

WOW Andrea! You're a genious with the clay! Your brother will love this. such a unique gift! LOL xxD