Friday, 1 October 2010

Haunted Design House - Magical Mayhem

This week at haunted design house the challenge is anything associated with magic. I chose witchcraft, I thought this would be good on a shelf for halloween and I will make some other different jars to go with it.

A young man once stole the heart of a beautiful witch he wasn't much to look at but he had his rustic charms, they had a wonderful few weeks together until his roving eye was turned to the village strumpet. One day while collecting herbs for her potions she spied her young love but as she was about to call to him he crossed over a bridge where she could not follow, on the other side she saw him serenade another. Later that night she visited him and gave him one of her potions telling him it would make him more attractive. Unbeknown to him he had taken a shrinking potion, when he had shrunk to the size of a newborn black familiar she took him and imprisoned him in this jar where she placed a hex of boils and warts to keep his soul contained until he was ready to accept her as his one true love obviously she has been waiting a long long time.

I had to write the label out as we are all out of printer ink, that is why it is pretty naff and I have centred it wrong.  I crumpled it and used a distress pad.  I got the little skeleton from poundland and I put him in some yellow food dye and water.  The lid I made from you guessed it polymer clay, tried to make them look like big ugly boils and warts (I know pretty shoddy shoddy shoddy).  I put lots and I mean lots of anitas 3d gloss on it as I wanted it to look slimy (I so love this stuff I have like 5 bottles of it).  I tied a fibre I got in a ribbony type pack.

Anyway I know I am weird and a bit mad but do I care what you think when I am sitting here in my dungeon tackling my next challenge mwahaha.  My hubby just now laughs at me when I show him things and says brilliant but you are bonkers and spins his finger at his temple just to clarify this.  Don't judge me!!!! hehe (that is what my 5 and 3 year old say when I give them into trouble).

Andrea C x


Mina said...

yep defo wierd Andrea but also wonderfully creative...I so love your stuff...this is brilliant, love the yucky boils and wow just how long has he been in the jar, brilliant lol
Mina xxx

coops said...

oh this is have a great the story of how the skeleton got in the jar and those boils look gross :)

xx coops xx

Barb said...

LOL... LOVE the story behind this mad creation :) Fun work as usual, Andrea!! Thanks so much for playing along with HDH's Macabre Monday!

DonnaMundinger said...

Leave it to you, Andrea! Fab story but that jar almost made me toss my cookies. EEEEWWWWW! How gruesomely creative you are! xxD