Thursday, 14 October 2010

Painting for Hubby

Well it is fast approaching my hubby's birthday and he has wanted me to do him a painting of his canoe for ages.  So I gave it a go this morning as the weather is terrible here so...I got my paints out, got my son on the laptop playing lord of the rings, got my two girlies some craft stuff to play with and went to it.  I am not pleased at all but I am just learning.  I got taught the other week at art class about mixing colours but am still very pathetic at it.  The painting I have done is way too dark but what can you do.

Anyway the top left is obviously the pic and the top right is my attempt at watercolour which I gave up cos I was terrible at that too.  The bottom is my acrylic attempt, maybe I should just do a pencil drawing for him tehe.

Well my three year old shouted upstairs we have a surprise for you daddy mummy is painting your canoe,  not much of a suprise anymore.  Hubby seems to like it though so that is all that matters in my book.

Andrea C x


Netty said...

To be quite honest Andrea I like both of them for different reasons. The water colour for its delicateness and the acrylic for its boldness. I am sure your husband will love it and want to keep both of them....he is so proud of his super talented wife.
Annette xx

kay said...

well i think you have done a fab job on both of them,well done,x

Angela said...

Andrea, I think both of them are beautiful!! I bet your husband loves both of them too and is so happy you created something for him!!