Monday, 13 September 2010

Haunted Design House Challenge - Monochromatic Monstrosities

Well I did this today hobbling about like an old age pensioner with my gammy knee haha.  I always have an excuse to how my work is poor hmm.  When we get the garage converted and I have my stuff to hand will have no more excuses other than my work is pants mwahahaha.

Pop on over to the Haunted Design House Challenge to check out the design team's work which is out of this world. 

This is from the movie Ringu (The Ring but japanese version which was first and is totaly amazing and so so creepy).  Anyway Sadako comes out of the TV at one point and it really sticks in my mind.  My drawing is pretty pathetic but .... well you fill in the gaps haha.  I used my crackle punch (which I suck at also, how come everybody else that has these punches they always look fab and mine looks like a three year old did it!!  Anyway I think Japanese writing on bg and the strands down the side are supposed to be Sadako's hair.  The spiderweb star was made using polymer clay and used my cuttlebug spiderweb for a texture board.

Again sorry for this but to be honest limping about probably won't be up to crafting this week as it hurts to bend my knee so am mostly standing (sounds crazy I know but seems to lessen the pain) or have my leg propped up.  My husband says I am the clumsiest person he knows, always have bruises and walking into things haha.

Andrea C


Julie Forest said...

Hi, Andrea! I think this is fantastic! Super creepy! Especially the hair detail - great!! I saw The Ring...creepy! Your work here is fabulous, bum knee and all! Take it easy! And thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

Susan's crafty chaos said...

Wow Andrea, this is stunning, and so creepy! That hair down the side is a fab touch, and your crackle punch makes me think of a broken screen, so it's perfect :D
Hope your knee feels better soon, and thanks for joining us again at HDH :D

Netty said...

Pathetic !!!!! Are you kidding this is fabulous Andrea. Never heard of that punch before, it looks great. Love the star plus hair and the total design, especially your great drawing. Wishing you well with that awful knee and hope it all goes down soon, plus the pain. Hugs Annette xx

Evermore Card Creations said...

Love that creepy frame and the image is fab. Fantastic card for the challenge!

Angela said...

What a great drawing!! Love it!! The frame and the spiderweb star you created really set of this image.

DonnaMundinger said...

Love it Andrea! Those Japanese horror movies are the creepiest and you've captured it brilliantly. Hope your knee mends soon. xxD