Wednesday 25 August 2010

Brain Soap

Well after my foul attempt at soap carving and Creepy Glowbug informing me of pour and melt soap, I bought a brain mould some pour and melt soap and red colouring and parma violet scent hmm.

So blooming easy to do, next time I will use white soap with colouring for a better pink.  I used a card wrap at the moment until I get proper soap wrap and made a brain soap title with a brain pic inside the words.

These are for my adult halloween guests to take away so I will do a zombie and brains title.

Andrea x

Monday 23 August 2010

HDH053 - Pink on the Brink

They're coming to get you Barb! hehe couldn't resist that old line hehe.  He is supposed to be coming out of the shadows just in case it just looks like thrown on blobs of clay, just thought I would clarify that.

Well let's just say pink is really not my colour now if you asked my daughter she is pink MAD, everything has to be pink but not sinister hehe she really believes she is a princess and she is only three she tells us we must bow in her presence (cheeky monkey).  Anyway after looking at the design teams work I feel a little silly.  I went for zombie haha  now this poor guy didn't deserve to be infected, well look at that hat he had it coming big style haha and those pink laces my goodness get a life hehe.  My hubby has said that after the challenge please will I paint his hat a different colour hehe.

There is an amazing clay artist called Phil Hynes and after seeing his stuff I thought I think I might attempt to use my sculpey clay for something other than rolling balls and making ugly looking penguins and alcoholic looking santas hmm.  So I dug the sculpey out of the my craft area (the garage) I have only had it for about 4 or 5 years now (still in good working condition).  I did the hands first quite late on and I kept getting them to look how I wanted then when I tried to do the other side they would squish but eventually got it semi ok.  The next day hubby was away at footie and I wanted to do the rest so put a movie on for my son and got my girls the playdoh out and bobs your uncle (don't even ask me what that means!) the girls at first fought over the playdoh so I separated them to one side of the table each and tada I got time to finish it. 

I couldn't get a good pic of his hands I am terrible at taking pictures, my hubby i the photographer.  This is the best pic I could get.

I have just shoved a couple of pics in as they are all terrible haha so my way of compensating for bad photography skills is taking about a million pics and hopefully some will turn out.

This was when I glued it on at first I had it all black (still wet paint, I am too impatient).  Hubby said would make more sense to have black silhouette of zombie and smokey grey for background and it does look better.  So another halloween wall decoration hehe.

So don't forget to pop over to haunted design house and check out their creations very fab.

Andrea C x

Sunday 22 August 2010

The Burtonesque Dolls Challenge #16 Vincent

I loved this little short story.  I love Vincent Price's voice it is so delightful.  Anyway I loved the portrait of his poor dead wife and decided to draw it and stick it on a birthday card.  I wrote happy birthday with some paw prints throughout and Vincent's cat.  I coloured the image with various grey copics and promarkers, added a couple of flat backed gems and some wild orchid craft flowers and used a backing paper I had in my stash.

Pretty basic but time is precious especially when time is like gold dust!

Andrea C

Friday 20 August 2010

Little Red Vampire Girl

This is one of my images I have made into a digi.  She is a poor little lost vampire girl with no family (remaining) and no one to look out for her.  She would do better if it weren't for those damn bat wings, sometimes humans think that they are pretend but they get closer and bam she pounces as fast as a lightning strike.  Anyway her name is Alessandra and she is 96 years old hmm.

I coloured the main image with copics for the shrink plastic I used sharpie coloured pens.  The flowers were white and I coloured them with promarkers and drew little bats on them.  I sealed the shrink plastic with anita's 3d gloss and added a shrink plastic keyring.

This is a little bit of a better picture of the shrink plastic keyring.

Anyway hope you are all having a better day than us it is pouring from the heavens.  The kids are going nuts not getting out to play in the garden.

Andrea C x

Tuesday 17 August 2010

HDH052 - Stamp It Crazy!

Stamp it crazy this week over at Haunted Design House.  I am not very good at stamping wait swipe that I am terrible at stamping.  No matter how hard I try to get an even coverage when pressing down there is always an important part of that stamp blank.  I tried the foam backing a roller acrylic block etc etc but to no avail the stamping demons have made it their goal in life to make my stamped images turn out just horrible haha.  So when this challenge came up I thought oh no here we go haha.  So I stamped lots of different images and sifted through them to find the ones that looked halfway decent of the many many images I stamped a few turned out okay.  So here is my card made from three of the stamped images that turned out not to bad. 

I used a sugar nellie stamp from Funky Kits a little Scottish stamp company that sells some very cute images from some great artists.  Anyway the one I used I tried to make it look like a statue headstone and did a couple of gravestones beside it.  I put 52 weeks to symbolise the challenges and Anniversary well that is rather obvious haha.  I used to little fabric roses and a cross charm with a little bow tied.  The background was a 12x12 sheet that I stamped some stars and embossed them with a powder (can't remember which one as I have quite a few now)  I also embossed the main stamped image and the anniversary stamp is embossed also (not very clear on my terrible pic).  A very simple card but believe you me when I try to fancy it up like the rest of you ladies it looks like a dog's dinner.

Coloured it with various greys from promarkers and copics.  I also used a gelly roll pen (white).

Andrea x

Saturday 14 August 2010

Haunted House Design Challenge - Netherworld Nymph

Well I decided for the Haunted House Design Challenge that I would make it a card for my Mum's birthday which is at the end of this month.  She loves the colour green and she has a thing for chubby and loves fairies.  So my chubby little nympy might not look very macabre but you don't know what she has eaten to get those bingo wings!!!

this is her come night
The flower is from the wild orchid website with a little tulle cut and a bow tied.  Little flat backed pearls at the bottom some different paper from paper stacks and some felt behind her.  I drew her with sort of ragged butterfly wings and she has a couple of markings on her face.

The definition is nymph and it says Nymph, in Greek mythology, guardian spirit of nature.  Hymadriads or dryads, guarded trees; naiads, springs and pools; oreads, hills and rocks; and Nereids, the sea.

Andrea X

Wednesday 11 August 2010

The Burtonesque Dolls Challenge #15

This week at the burtonesque dolls the challenge is to make a project with the inspiration of your favourite Burton movie.  I could not decide as I like most of them but I did love Beetlejuice when I was a kid so thought hmm okay.

I know it is not very good but I am not so very good at cardmaking and I am so blooming tired all the time the kiddies run me ragged throughout the day/night/dreams haha.  Anyway I tried to make Lydia using shrink plastic (I cannot seem to do this without it bending and sticking or looking all deformed).  I drew Beetlejuice and coloured him with copics and promarkers.  Tried to make an arch (I know shoddy shoddy shoddy).  Anyway I thought I better explain this monstrosity haha.

I am going off to hang my head in shame (not really I am going off to slob about with my hubby and watch something funny on tv). 

So night night, Andrea x

Monday 9 August 2010

Some Sketches

I am just uploading some drawings here as I lost a whole load of drawings when my last laptop died on me and my daughter got up on the table and snapped the memory stick (the backup) while it was in the laptop.  So just disregard these posts hehe.

 I know I know I never finish anything properly haha my husband always shouts FOCUS haha.  I am a total scatterbrain and never really get much finished and if I do it is always rushed and never what I want.

Andrea x

Monday 2 August 2010

HDH050 - Foul Flutterings - Batty

Another week at haunted house design with another great challenge, so love their stuff.  Sorry haven't had a chance to comment on any projects this week but it has been HECTIC.  My two youngest have hardly slept all week and during the day they are super moany.  Anyway I painteed this  with great difficulty hence why it is not the best work you will ever see.  I had my one year old stuck to my hip, my three year old whinging cos she is keeping us up at night and she is also tired and my five year old harrassing me to play computer games with him so it wasn't the easiest task I have ever undertaken and decided to leave as is. 

I painted the bg with twinkling h20's firstly with a turquoise then with a lovely plum colour, then painted with acrylics over the canvas.  I hate painting on canvas but I have no hardboard.   I started the girl (batty just like the haunted design team hehe)  but my hubby said her jaw was like a big mans and had to try and sort that.  It is supposed to be bat's wings over her face but didn't come off too good.   I don't think you can make it out but the black has lots of shimmery eyes from all of the bats.  It is so frustrating when you start something and can't do it properly. 

Will try and get some time to comment tonight.

Andrea x