Monday, 30 May 2011

Haunted Design House - 091 EMO

Haunted Design House - EMO

You are to create a dark, Gothic, or Halloween-based art piece using items that begin with an 'E', 'M' and an 'O'.

For example:
E: Emo image, Edge punch, Embellishments, Embossing, Eggplant, Ephemera, Eight
M: Material, Medium, Mists, Matts, Metal, Magic, Magenta, Messy, Mesh, Maroon, Mint
O: Orange, Oval, Old, Ornamental, Octagonal, Oblong, Obsidian (black), Overlay, Organza, Olive

You only have to have one of each of the letters represented in your piece.

For mine I used Emo, Mummy and ovals.  Oh and put words for emo at the top.  Now come on if I could do it with that you could do it.  What a prize to win, see below.

Now I have quite a few of the Simply Betty Stamps as they are well quirky and also some are rather cute.  They are fabulous to colour and she has something for everyone.  Guess what!  For the prize this week Betty is offering up THREE Emo rubber stamps to each of the Gruesome Twosome this week!!!   Winners will be able to choose from the following EMO lines:  Everyday, Valentines, Back 2 School, and Halloween.  Awesome prize, right?! 

I know that most of you have some Simply Betty Stamps but who couldn't do with some more right!  So get your thinking caps on, enter and get yourself in with a chance to win.

Andrea C

Monday, 23 May 2011

HDH090 - Necro Neckwear

You are to create a dark, Gothic, or Halloween-based art piece that could be turned into a pendant! Everyone is encouraged to play along for fun and Gruesome Twosome status, but their own original artwork is necessary to win the prize. And WHAT A PRIZE IT IS!

This week is sponsored by Kasket Kustoms: Accessories to DIE for!

Please take a moment to check out the website and register:

Submit the next Kasket Kustoms necklace design and win a little something from the shop PLUS a necklace of your design! 

How cool is that.  I have been and had a look and my goodness there are probably only about two that I don't want.

This was my painting of Esme (yeah she features a lot at the moment).  Hubby and I are going to create her in to a little story book for the kids.  She is painted with acrylics on a canvas pad sheet that I got for my birthday from my very talented little buddy Netty.

Below is one of the gorgeous pendant backings from Kustom Kaskets and I have added Esme to the middle.

Anyways I hope you will find the time to play along because we really love to see your designs and how cool would it be to have one of yours crafted into a necklace.

I would also like to enter this in to paint party friday - week 10.

Andrea C x

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Farquhar the Werefox

Introducing Farquar the Werefox, well there are werewolfs are there not! hmm.  (I didn;t have the right colour for a werewolf so... Farquhar was born)

He is a colourful chap who when going through the change likes to chase humans dressed as chickens bitting their ankles as he goes.  So be careful choosing your costume for the London Marathon.

Anyway hope you are all having a nice weekend so far x

Monday, 16 May 2011

Needle Felted Doll

This is my first needle felted doll that I am putting on my etsy store (sometime later this week along with some other junk I have created haha).

Her name is Esme (short for Esmerelda).  She is a little ghoul who was born in Scotland.  She likes walks in the forest, eyeball cupcakes and Jeff Buckly (she says his voice reminds her of the Banshee from the forest). 

Yes those are yellow pants!

Any feedback would be appreciated. 

Again my pics are shockingly bad.  She also has a little handbag but you can only barely see it in the last group photo.

The card in the background was from my lovely little buddy Netty x

Andrea C x


This week at Haunted Design House the challenge is to let Dali inspire you, therefore Dali Delusions.  Well I decided to paint Dali's face with the old sticks holding his head up (how original of me to rip him off like that ha!)

Now my good friend Netty has told me a few times about Paint Party Friday and this week is The Party after the Storm so I am entering the painting in this too.  Talk about a talented bunch of painters,WOW.  I have been oogling their blogs for a couple of weeks now and they sure do know how to paint.

I never get a chance to paint as my kids are still young and as soon as I bring out my paints they descend upon me.  So when I was painting this the 2 year old was like hanging off of my arm trying to dip her hand in my paints, that is why the skulls on the bg were so imperfect and rushed as I just had to finish it.

All of the marks on the canvas board are where my little one put her grubby toast fingerprints hehe.

Anyway I hope you decide to play along with Macabre Monday this week as we would love to see what craziness you come up with.

Oh and I painted this with acrylics.

Andrea C x

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Tribal Faerie

This is my little tribal faerie that I made.  Now I didn't even think this (obviously I have a naive outlook) but my hubby said it looks like this little faerie is doing naughties to the pumpkin (dirty minded so and so).

Well I have put a few views in so you can see the pumpkin is his little pet friend (and they are just friends).  I am hoping to make more and sell them on etsy so would be grateful to know any opinions (honest ones not oh that is lovely when you are thinking in your head my god this girl is demented haha I know you already think that anyways).

Andrea C x

Monday, 9 May 2011

HDH088 - Mark of the Beast

This week at Haunted Design House is the mark of the beast.  This entails adding three lots of six items to your projects ie 6 brads, 6 flowers and 6 papers etc.

I myself have used six images (yes one is on the middle devils tongue), six of susan's fantastic papers and six words.

The prize this week? The winner will get to choose SIX items from the Crafty Chaos Designs store!

Well I thought I might stir things up a little with portraying the devil as a girl tehe how naughty of me!

Anyway those are just a few of Susan's amazing papers go check her store out where she has loads for all different occasions.  Plus go check out the other minions work it is seriously brilliant.

Andrea C x

Monday, 2 May 2011

HDH087 - Freakers Free for All

This week it has been decided to have a freakers free for all.  Anything goes as long as it is creepy!

Well here are my two entries:

I think they speak for themselves.  Can you tell I am knackered hehe, no it's not funny stop laughing!! mwahaha.

Oh don't forget about the blog candy on the sidebar for Haunted Design House as you still have time to get your behind over there and get your name in the draw.
Andrea C x