Thursday 30 September 2010

Polymer Vamp Necklace

I know this picture is so sucky (haha terrible joke).  I made this using polymer clay and after baking I put anita's 3d gloss on it for the shine.  I don't have a necklace for it yet but have put the eyepins in.  I have made three for my three nieces as they love vampires.

They do look quite good in real life but terrible in this photo.  After I attach the necklace I will post more pics of the finished product.

Andrea C x

Saturday 25 September 2010

Kraftin Kimmie Challenge #47

Over at Kraftin Kimmie Stamps they have a colour challenge for us.....Orange, Green and Purple.

If you enter you have the chance to win a haunted house stamp (pretty cool).

I am too tired to explain, kiddies keepin us up all week and am zombified so blah blah blah.  Doesn't really need much explaining anyways she is brewing up some potions and is sending her bird to fetch some ingredients (eye of dragon etc). 

Andrea C X

Friday 24 September 2010

Simply Betty Challenge #2 & The Burtonesque Dolls Challenge #19

This week the team at Simply Betty want us to create a new Halloween colour combo, diverging from the traditional Black, Orange, Purple and Greens. Make a project, card or layout creating a new colour combo using anything but these colors.  Over at the Burtonesque Dolls it is to create a trick or treat burton style.  I feel as if I'm being watched.... BOO.

This is my attempt using Gigi, lots of red grey and a funny shade of brown glitter card.  I added some polka dot red ribbon and put some behind one of my polymer badges and the backing paper I made on the comp and printed out (actually should be black with eyes but my printer ran out of ink and printed grey streaks with eyes but I kinda liked it.  I added white stickles to the blacker parts to make them grey/sparkle:

Anyway here it is, as usual nothing spectacular but anywho got kids to collect, dinners to make and as an added bonus I am potty training my youngest and she is determine to mark her territory hehe (so glam being a mum).

Andrea C x

Work in Progress

Another work in progress that I will probably never finish.  I have been really busy this week, started an acrylic art class and doing some stuff for nursery plus my I still can't walk properly because of my fall on my knee so am still hobbling about, hubby is now calling me stumpy.  Sorry haven't been commenting as much this week.

Anyway this isn't going how I expected as it is a bit too big.  Was supposed to look like a little creature coming from an egg but it is way too big (even though it is teeny).  Oh and it is sticking it's tongue out.

It isn't finished and hasn't been baked or painted yet.  I am going to add some hair and some fingernails etc.

Anyway this is my offering for the moment.

Andrea C x

Tuesday 21 September 2010

One Lovely Blog Award

The lovely talented Netty from Netty's Crafting was awarded the One Lovely Blog Award from Create with Joy  and had to pass it on to 15 other bloggers and she chose me as one of them which is a big honour cos she is one talented little lady if you get a chance you should check out some of her artwork she is always trying new techniques and producing some lovely effects and beautiful art pieces.

So now I have to pass it on to another 15 bloggers whom I appreciate, well there are so damn many of you talented little peeps out there that it would be very hard but here goes:

Creepy Glowbugg for her crazy, zany but extremely cool take on craft, very talented in so many different crafts/arts,

Barb from Haunted House Design, another zany creative crafter who's work is also so cool and unique and another very talented copic colourer,

Jane's Lovely Cards, who's work is just simply gorgeous and so professional and her distressing is tops,

Another MD Crabbie, her stuff never ceases to amaze me, she always creates the most fabulous projects,

Pinkpuds, another very talented cardmaker who is a "lovely" as my little one likes to call people and her colouring of images is "to die for",

Popsicle Toes, for her very talented and varied craft talents, always keeps us on our toes,

In My Quiet Time, her cards are always gorgeous with such beautiful colouring,

Critchley Creations, cos she is so talented and is still such a young pup, her creations are amazing,

Blackdragon's Crafts, her work is very dark and very gorgeous,

Welcome to Susan's Crafty Chaos, her digital work is just brilliant and again so different,

Poppet's Place, her cards are just so pretty and contrary to belief I do like to look at pretty things hehe,

Kellie Winnell, her card style just totaly rocks,

Quixotic Paperie, her cards are always so vibrant and full of life,

The Scrap Happy Witch, her cards are always so fun and quirky,

Inked Inspirations, for her gorgeous, vibrant and quirky cards

For those of you that accept it you have to then pass it on to 15 bloggers you deem worthy.
Thank you again Netty and I am really glad to have you as a blogging buddy you are a truly lovely, funny, talented lady. x

Monday 20 September 2010

Haunted Design House and Kraftin Kimmie Challenge

This is my entry for Haunted Design House challenge (horrific haunts) and the Kraftin Kimmie Challenge (mostly black and white).  I love this Kraftin Kimmie Stamp it is the Marie Antoinette so any chance I get I use her even though my stamping always leaves a blank spot and I have to try and cover it up.  I coloured her with copics and promarkers as I have various greys in each.  I put some tulle behind the haunted house image (which I got in a toiletry set and kept).  The card is coordinations black cardstock and I distressed (haha use that word lightly as I am a joke at that) I added a little ghost to the side of the house, Marie might look like she is happy but she is a poor little thing that has never got over the loss of her one true love (the cat!).  I used papermania brads to attach the ribbon for a little wall hanging or door hanging.  I also attached a flower at the top to hide the nail (how charming).

Anyway, signing out to go and check out some blogs to see all the delights that they may behold.

Andrea C x

Friday 17 September 2010

Simply Betty Challenges - No1


Over at Simply Betty Challenges it is their first week up an running and it is a photo inspiration challenge.  Kinda found this one really hard to do as I like black, grey and red haha (very exciting person I am).  But with the help of my little girl she pointed me in the right direction with the colours I kinda got it done ha.

The reason Betty doesn't have her cat is I messed it up big time and decided to put a charm cat instead (immortalised).  I tried to make this as colourful as was humanly possible (overboard or what!).  I tried to colour her hair to match the photo but I'm not sure it came out to well.  I'm still learning when it comes to cardmaking so give me a break! haha no really still a bit shoddy no matter how I try hehe.  I know the pic is really dull and doesn't show the proper colour either but it is pitch black here and this is the only time I get to take a pic so will have to get hubby to set up some sort of lightbox or something.

Anyway that's enough of my rants for one millenium.

Andrea C x

Wednesday 15 September 2010

Copic Creations and The Burtonesque Dolls Challenges

Well this is poor Hendry he can't remember when or where he lost his shoe but he does miss it so.  He gets very peckish hence the snack for during school so he doesn't lose focus and start dreaming of brains rather than using his.  We so hope he does well in school as his career options are rather limited as it stands.

I made this for the Copic Creations Challenge Blog (shading on or around image) and The Burtonesque Dolls Challenge (Ghoul School). The image I drew and coloured with Copics obviously, the colours I used were E51, E00, E31, E71, R59, G02, E21, B45, C-3 and B05. For the blood I dabbed the R59 on my finger and rubbed it on. I might have used a couple of other colours but I can't remember as I was being asked to make a paper aeroplane at the time and being hit by a foam sword haha.

I put a few pics as I am terrible at taking them so...

The attachments on the side of the school notebook are Hendrys zombie snacks a brain and a bone both made out of polymer clay and attached to shrink plastic findings. 

I am thinking about turning this into a zombie escape plan for one of my nephews as he loves this kind of thing.

Andrea C x

Tuesday 14 September 2010

Passion for Promarkers Week 69

This is my first time joining this challenge over at the Passion for Promarkers site.  I thought I wouldn't get any stuff done this week but as it turns out I have so toot toot.  This week it is photo inspiration for your card.


So I took the polka dot theme and added some roses like on the top of the bag.  The image is a sugar nellie by Leanne Ellis I purchased oh many moons ago from funky kits.  The promarkers I used to colour her were Poppy, Rose Pink, Blossom, Sandstone, Blush, Terracotta, Spice, Gold, Silver, Ivory, Vanilla, Coral, Ice Grey 1 and of course my blender to correct the many mistakes I made.  These are obviously in no particular order.  The card was from Rymans and the roses were from wild orchid crafts.

Andrea C


Monday 13 September 2010

Haunted Design House Challenge - Monochromatic Monstrosities

Well I did this today hobbling about like an old age pensioner with my gammy knee haha.  I always have an excuse to how my work is poor hmm.  When we get the garage converted and I have my stuff to hand will have no more excuses other than my work is pants mwahahaha.

Pop on over to the Haunted Design House Challenge to check out the design team's work which is out of this world. 

This is from the movie Ringu (The Ring but japanese version which was first and is totaly amazing and so so creepy).  Anyway Sadako comes out of the TV at one point and it really sticks in my mind.  My drawing is pretty pathetic but .... well you fill in the gaps haha.  I used my crackle punch (which I suck at also, how come everybody else that has these punches they always look fab and mine looks like a three year old did it!!  Anyway I think Japanese writing on bg and the strands down the side are supposed to be Sadako's hair.  The spiderweb star was made using polymer clay and used my cuttlebug spiderweb for a texture board.

Again sorry for this but to be honest limping about probably won't be up to crafting this week as it hurts to bend my knee so am mostly standing (sounds crazy I know but seems to lessen the pain) or have my leg propped up.  My husband says I am the clumsiest person he knows, always have bruises and walking into things haha.

Andrea C

Keyring and Frame

A couple of things I made with polymer.  The first is a brain keyring and the second is a little pic frame with one of my paintings in it.  Nothing special just a little post, I fell yesterday and have busted up my knee it looks like a balloon with lots of purple, red and blue hmm lovely.  I was so lucky as I was holding my youngest and when I fell I twisted myself round to try and stop her from getting hurt she just got a tiny scuff on her forehead which is gone today and my knee took the fall, so I can't walk very well at all am hobbling about draggin my leg behind me, hop along. 

This is made with effects polymer clay and then anita's 3d gloss over it for a glass effect.

Polymer clay and glaze.

Andrea C x

Thursday 9 September 2010

Kraftin Kimmie Challenge #44

I love Kraftin Kimmie stamps and I have had this one for a while. It is so my little girl she is the angry ballerina hehe. Well she got a pin board (without the pins just ribbons) from her big cousing today and she had nothing to put in it so I decided that this was the ideal opportunity to enter the kraftin kimmie challenge and made this for her.

I coloured her with copics and promarkers.  Used some different cardstock (obviously) and added some lace type ribbon and a diva brad (my little one is such a diva hehe).  I know the layers of paper are a bit basic but I really am so bad at distressing as you can see by the first frame. 

This is the pinboard that she was given, so I have started her off on her road to clutter hehe.

Andrea C

HDH Challenge - Elegantly Evil

Well for this challenge I had planned a vampire from polymer but my youngest daughter had other ideas.  I have nearly had the head finished so many times and she has come up and bashed it out of my hands, thrown a cup at it etc.  So I knew I wouldn't be able to work on it over weekend as we are babysitting our niece and two nephews over at their house so time is limited, I gave up and did another quicker entry.

This is over at the Haunted Design House Challenge Blog.  I drew this elegant little lady with an elegant gown sporting webs at the top and a nice little tiara.  Now she is holding a severed head (well you did say evil)  Don't mess with her as she is so self obsessed and obviously evil, this poor guy has had the audacity to turn her down on a request, bad mistake!!  I painted the blood on the bottom of her dress with watercolour and coloured her with copics.  The background image is from The Graphics Fairy (fab) and the flower is from wild orchid crafts, the punch around the side is martha stewart crackle punch and I have added red stickles and a papermania brad with red pearls.

This was supposed to be my entry but had been battered about so much that I gave up for a while I have redone it about 6 times.  It was supposed to be queen of the damned my version.

If I ever get around to finishing her I will paint her after baking.  You can't see it in the pic but her top teeth ar vampire teeth, doesn't look so great but I did have her nearly perfect at one point before the first bashing she took.

Andrea C

Tuesday 7 September 2010

Help a dinosaur ran away with my child!

Well I thought this pic was really funny (no not belly laughs just tickled me).  It looks like my daughter has tried to grab the dinosaurs tail and it has started to run off and she is attached. 

She was actually trying to climb up his back she has no fear.

Andrea C x

Sunday 5 September 2010

Two Quick Cards

Pretty quick cards, pretty terrible pictures.  The first here is a little hello card for a friend of mine (who's birthday I forgot EEK!).  I love thistles (thanks for sharing hehe).  There is lots of glitter on there but pic didn't show any really.

The second card is a thank you for our next door neighbours who gave us a big storage box for our garden for the kids bikes etc.  Lovely neighbours and lovely people and a good laugh too.

Andrea C x

Friday 3 September 2010

The Burtonesque Dolls Willy Wonka Burton Style Challenge

Hop on over to The Burtonesque Dolls to see some brilliant ideas.  This is my version of a burton type willy wonka sweet.  This is strictly for vampires snacks hmm  Rhesus Pieces yum.  Actually have you ever tried Reeces Pieces they are totally delicious.

This is the version I did on comp using a reeces pieces candy wrapper and one of my drawings :

Well it is Rhesus as in your positive and negative blood type.  You can't really see but I have little blood types dotted about the bar.

This is the printed out version with the candy:

Andrea C

Haunted Design House - Creepy Cute Challenge

This is my attempt for the Haunted Design House Creepy Cute Challenge.  Had a creepy idea for this one but have not time this week at all to put it into action so this is what we have below.  This is one of my little digis and her name is Alessandra she is cute because she is a little girl who is a vampire (one two three Aww) anyway she is creepy cos she can drain you quicker than look at you.  She has a sign which clearly states that she bites for food, children and honesty go hand in hand.

The flowers are from Wild Orchid Crafts the punch is MS (my hubby is getting me the crackly one as a little pressie).  The scary button is actually a badge made from polymer clay and was made using a cuttlebug embossing folder.  The little version is shrink plastic.  Anyways bit too much explaining for a very very simple basic card.

Andrea C x