Saturday, 29 May 2010

The Burtonesque Dolls Challenge #4

4The whole reason I started this blog was so that I could enter some challenges and so far I have entered zero challenges.  For some strange reason I thought I would have some free time with my three year old being at nursery a few hours a couple of days a week but my one year old has taken over on the needing your every last ounce of attention or the tantrums start tehe aren't they so funny!  Anyway I love the burtonesque blog and was determined to enter at least one of the challenges so I MADE the time, holding a baby in one arm and my mod podge in the other hehe. 

Not the best picture you will ever see but I have lost my wire for my proper camera and had to use the webcam.  This is an old box of chocolates that I painted with blue/silver paint then stippled some green and blue (in the spirit of the corpse bride).  I then cut out a circle from glitter paper for the moon and added some cosmic shimmer to rub around it.  I also coloured the flowers with the same blue cosmic shimmer.  The sentiment says "You may kiss the bride"  the idea is to put maybe a sexy nightie with some lip gloss for the bride (from the groom). 

 The image I drew and coloured with copics and promarkers but the paper I used wasn't the good stuff (I can't find the proper card in amongst my craft stuff at mo).  The ink bled a little but hopefully not too much to have ruined it.  The sentiment I printed out then used distress inks to age it and blur the writing then scraped some scissors around the edges, the card backing (was from a cardstack), I did the same for this.  You can't see it but at the bottom of the bouquet there is a snake charm.

Anywho a bit long winded for what it actually is, hope it is in spirit of the corpse bride.

Andrea x

Monday, 3 May 2010

Shed Mural

My husband decided that the sunniest part of our garden was taken up by the shed. So we moved the shed to the other side which was always shaded and made a little area with a table and chairs (which my husband made all by his talented little self). He made a raised bed behind the table using railway sleepers and for the table and benches he used decking, sleepers and fence posts (just whatever came to hand he stated hehe). He also made the planter that is midway up willow screening. I am reallychuffed with it.

I felt a little bad as we were taking up some of the (much in need of returfing as we seem to suffer from flooding when it rains and it rains a lot) grass, so I have decided to paint a little brightness on the shed for the kids, where we took up some of their grass space. Don't worry though they still have their little picnic bench area and playhouse and slide and sand table etc hehe.
So this is the start of the mural. My 5 year old loves dragons, my three year old loves princess and pink and I will add in various flowers and I don't think you can make it out on this pic but there is a little pixie hiding with a toadstool hat among the fly agarics. There is also a fairy door and stained glass window on one of the trees. I have so much to do to it and so little time. I have a castle to paint in the background on some hills and flowers to put beside the trees, some wildlife, leaves etc etc etc. You probably all know as most of you guys will have kids but time is very limited especially when my youngest is only 15 months and needs or wants a lot of attention.

Anyway just thought I haven't posted for ages so would put up my progress on this mural and then put another one up when it is completed, probably just as my kids graduate haha.