Monday, 20 June 2011

HDH094 - Menacing Mermaids

Haunted Design House - Menacing Mermaids

This week you are to make something wicked using the terrifying temptresses from the formidable and foul fathoms as your inspiration. These are not the mermaids that hung on your Grandma's bathroom wall. Let's see something scary!!

Anyway I decided to paint one and for once I am quite pleased with how she turned out.  She is quite evil and is sad because she hasn't caused the kind of mayhem she had hoped (poor little ickle thing!).

I know my pics are terrible really try but am a total duffus!

Above is merbiatch before she had scales added.  She was painted using acrylics and I painted her on hardboard (I prefer hardboard it to canvas as I can rectify mistakes of which I make many, plus find it easier to shade, even on something as simple as this there were and are lots and lots of mistakes).

Anyway hopefully you guys will play along this week and come up with some pretty cool stuff.

I am on holiday this week so hope you all have fun and will get commenting when I get back.

Andrea C x

Monday, 6 June 2011

HDH092 - Pleasure and Pain

Haunted Design House - Pleasure and Pain

This week at Haunted Design House you are to incorporate something you love with something you hate.  Well for me this one was easy.  I LOVE rubber stamping but I HATE rubber stamping.  I am just no darn good at it no matter how I try.  Everybody tells me little hints and tips and they never work.  You will see in this pick there are bits I have had to go over with pen cos I stamped it like ten times and didn't get one decent image.

On this I used a canvas for the backing some coodinations for the first card then a little stack for the image being stamped on.  I coloured the stamp with tim holtz distress reinker weathered wood I think.  I adorned this with Creepy Glowbugg's fabulous skulls and brains and some ribbon she sent me a while back and bob's your uncle.

Andrea C x

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Skull Appreciation Day Blog Hop

Yes skull appreciation day is here.  I am showing my appreciation in the form of a pin cushion and some pin toppers.  The pin toppers are last minute so not at all to a very high standard but I ran out of time.

Smeared and Smudged have arranged a lovely blog hop in appreciation with lots of prizes on the way.

Now the next person on the blog hop is:

You can go here for a full list of the participants on the blog hop:

For details on prizes from the sponsors please visit:

Hope you have time to hop along as there are some wonderful sponsors.

Andrea C x