Monday, 30 January 2012

HDH117 - Shot through the Heart

This week at Haunted Design House you are to create a project with a heart and a hole.  Unfortunately mine is pretty pants I have had so little time of late.  The reason my post is so late is my 5 year old has been unwell this last few weeks and I eventually thought enough is enough and took her to the docs and it turns out she has tonsilitis!!  She is now on penicillin and when I eventually got five minutes to turn my comp on it crashed on me.  I used a stampotique image and a nestie thingiemabillybop and some mica powders.

I made a topper for my art journal and tried to make it look like a bullet through the heart.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Quoth the Raven Challenge 2

~Well I actually did this for the first challenge at Quoth the Raven thinking that today was the last day but it appears to be yesterday.  Luckily though my little silly entry will be appropriate for this weeks challenge also.

I did a page in my art journal as it only has two previous pages and I did start it ages and ages and ages ago. I got mica powders and have used them but it doesn't look that good in the pic but looks quite nice and shimmery in real  life.

My hubby says I will be run out of town with this entry especially since I wrote nevermore apparently.  I really am short on time but wanted to show Blackdragon and Fiona (I don't do straight) and Ike a little support so this is my entry.  What can you do!! hehe.

Andrea x

Monday, 23 January 2012

HDH117 - Get Lost

Well unfortunately this week I did get lost!  The challenge at Haunted Design house is to use a map on your project.  I haven't completed the dungeon door.  I tried to make a map which didn't turn out and didn't have time to redo it.  We had so much on, we bought a car, it was my MIL's birthday yesterday, my daughter had her friends party, it is my youngests birthday today not to mention all of the school stuff the kids have on.....

I did get a silly little digi one done in case the dungeon door didn't work out but I have to apologise.  This is one of Mo's Digital pencil digis.  I have done him no justice at all with my shoddy rushed colouring job!!

The dungeon below was to be part of a map that held the secrets to its whereabouts!  The evil faeries wanted to release their accomplacies.  I had a whole little story planned but time got the better of me.

Anyway I hope you are all well and I hope to do better next week but you should seriously go check out the design team they have rocked this challenge.


Monday, 16 January 2012

HDH117 - Chic Freaks

Well we have a sponsor this week over at Haunted Design House that probably every single one of you know and love and it is Stampotique!!  Their images are so unique and freaky and wonderful and guess what?  They are also putting up a $30 gift certificate for the winner.  I know that this will get a lot of you excited but calm down you have to enter first haha.

Anyway on to  my project/s.  I thought Chic Freak, well what would most freaky girls like.  The conclusion was wine, chocolate and a nice candle.  So that is what my projects are:

 A bottle of wine inside a shoe bottle holder (I made this using paper mache and painted then glittered over).  The label is stamped with heads by Daniel Torrente.  The embellishments used are from our own Creepy Glowbuggs etsy shoppe which are the brain at the top and the skull on the neck.  The image used on the shoe is Linda another Daniel Torrente stamp.

This is a coffin chocolate box that I had made and just coloured the image in black and white.  I stamped the choccies wrapper with heads.

Again I used the heads stamp on tissue paper then melded it with the candle.  Personally I love this and am going to keep it haha.

The inside fo the shoe is also stamped with heads.

A pic of the front of the coffin x

The individual chocolate.

The stamped chocolate wrapper.

The brains and skull.

Sorry for so many pics but you all know just how bad I am at taking pics.I realise the post is a bit disjointed I apologise but I have been up with my two year old as she has had earache and I am rather confused at the moment what with the lack of sleep.

I absolutely adore the stampotique stamps and only just found out recently that there are stores here in the UK that sell them.  So watch out bank account lmao. 

Well come on people there is a $30 gift certificate to be had for the winner.

Many sleepy hugs Andrea C x

Monday, 9 January 2012

HDH115 - Metal Mania

Well this week at Haunted Design House we are to create something using or depicting anything metal. That pretty much leaves it open to interpretation. It can be literal, using actual metal embellishments. Or even themed around the metal music genre.

Be creative, and remember this is a spooky macabre challenge blog. Cute is okay, but creepy is better
Well this week I went with a painting using acrylics of the Dungeon Keeper and the metal part is his dungeon key.  I painted a separate hand/arm and added it on with foam pads and attached the key through the thumb/hand part.  I haven't felt like doing anything arts/crafts related since before crimbo and  having no time at the moment as my little princess is turning four tomorrow and then my other will be three on the 23rd so had lots to do what with girly decorations etc.  This is the first thing I have done in ages.

Well what are you waiting for get your thinking caps on and join us.
Andrea C x

Monday, 2 January 2012

HDH114 - Got Goth?

Well us minions are back.  Hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year.  Ours was the suckiest yet, we all had the winter vomitting virus which started with my 4 year old who passed it to me and my 7 year old then my 2 year old and the hubster got it, wham bam thank you mam!! We all still don't feel back to normal.  At least I didn't pig, there is always a silver lining haha.

Over at the Haunted Design House Blog you are to create a dark, Gothic, or Halloween-based art piece that uses or includes a Goth theme. Think black, lace, leather, elegance, etc.

I was really stuck with this one and my 2 year old is just clinging to me so it had to be something on the computer.  I had previously decorated an old doll for halloween and used this in a picture.  Pretty sucky to say the least and you should see some of the gorgeous gothic gorgeous delights the minions have come up with not to mention we now have a new wonderful addition to the minions our crazy Ike who has her own art shop.

Andrea C x

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Quoth the Raven: Nevermore Blog Candy

That's right blog candy and a new challenge blog dedicated to Poe here.
They have lots of Poe goodies to be won.  So go on over and check it out they are having it open until the 12th Jan, when they will be having their first challenge also.

Oh and Happy New Year, hope it's a good year for you.
Andrea C x