Monday 15 March 2010


My hubby bought me some watercolour pencils to try. So I decided to start with something quite simple and painted my favourite little bird the robin red breast (although it looks more orange to me!).

It's not great but okay for a first attempt. Personally I really want to try oil painting and have some oil paints but not sure how to start. I love acrylics, watercolours are so unforgiving with mistakes you make. With acrylics you can rectify any mistakes.

Anyway seems I haven't made a card for ages as my craft storage space is a total mess and I have no time to clean it, whereas I can paint on the coffee table when the little ones are about but if I brought craft stash out they would go nuts haha.


Friday 12 March 2010

Papier Mache Dragon Head

My son got a letter home on the Wed after school saying they were having a party on the Monday at school with a Fairyland theme. My son stated that he was going as a dragon, eeek. Could we get a dragon costume, could we... So my only solution was to make him one. I got an old knight's helmet that he no longer used and papier mached over it, added some ping pong balls for the eyes. I used Anita's 3d gloss to make the eyes look shiny. I really only had about 5 or six hours to do the costume. I also made a tail and sewed it on to a green top, painted some cardboard wings and added a big fat dragon tummy to the top. I will add pics of that later, it didn't turn out too great but.

I told my son I was finished, he is 5 years old, don't you just love their honesty. He looked at me with some disdain hehe and said Mummy I asked for a dragon not a frog hahaha. I nearly had a fit laughing. I had made teeth spikes etc but didn't have time to do it as you probably know drying papier mache is a nightmare especially in this country hmm.

Thursday 4 March 2010

Valentine Basket

I made this and filled it with mini bounty bars for my hubby, but needless to say the kids all pinched them before I could take a pic hehe. I did this from the tutorial from the fantastic magnolia baskets that were going around a few weeks ago. As usual I am like three weeks/months behind everyone else. The kids have all been taking turns being ill then all having another turn (poor little things).

Anyway this is card I have had for years I just stamped it and embossed it. The heart was from a cardstock mini pack and I stupidly coloured it red on the other side and it seeped through but she who has little time has to make do. The flower is from wild orchid crafts and I tied ribbon round the handle. Not the best basket you will ever see but I was quite chuffed as I thought it looked very hard and I was juggling a one year old and three year old at the time (impressive I know). hehe anyways the stamp I got about three years ago. Thought it suited a valentine theme. You should have seen my hubby's face when I gave him it haha it was a picture he said oh that's nice if I was a girl hehe.