Monday, 26 September 2011

HDH108 - You're Making a Scene!

This week at haunted design house we have an amazing sponsor whom I only just recently found due to our sponsorship.  Her images are just brilliant and I particularly love the little houses digis.  If you haven't already heard of Make It Crafty (what have you been hiding under the same rock as me!!), then I would highly recommend going and having a little look.

Well the challenge is that you are to create a dark, Gothic, or Halloween-based art piece
that depicts a Hallowe'en scene.

Below  I thought they made the cutest odd couple.  I used mini monstaz, frankie and medusa.  I also used the spooky house which I adore!!

I couldn't resist making a few shrink plastic versions and with a light flickering behind the spooky house it looks immense.  I am going to try to make a lantern with them. 

Well go and check out the Make it Crafty website and the haunted design house to see the amazing design work and what amazing prize is on offer.
Andrea C

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Happy Birthday Teri

Today has been a bit hectic to say the least so this is a little bit late.  Wanted to post in the morning but... Well it is our minion Teri's birthday today.  I thought I would make her a birthday card using a couple of her images.  She is one talented little witch hehe that is I am green with envy at her brilliant images that she creates then not only that she makes the most wonderful cards using them.

Hope you have a wonderful birthday Teri.

Monday, 19 September 2011

HDH107 Apalling Apothecary

This week at Haunted Design House you are to create a project using "Apalling Apothecary"what's in YOUR medicine cabinet? poison, hemlock, eye of newt!

Well my little beauty in the troll world is a pinup model.  Her name is Bianca and she loves nothing more than essence of rat in her apothecary hence the rat in hand.  Her hobbies include potions, rat catching, ghoul bashing and mud dips.  She is the pinup for the month of October sporting a fly agaric bikini and lovely red hairy legs and armpits.

Bianca will be the first of a 12 month calender of troll pinups.  Now let us see what is in your apothecary!

Andrea C x

Friday, 16 September 2011

The Creepy One's Birthday

Well Creepy Glowbugg is having another birthday (like we have a choice!).  I am so sorry Glo but my hubby took the camera so my offering for today was taken with the webcam (shoddy shoddy shoddy).

I know you love zombies so I painted a little zombie called Bob from Day of the Dead and next time I send you something I will include this little guy.

We all hope you have the most fantastic birthday cos you defo deserve it.

For some reason the webcam made it blue when is actually green.

Well enough about Bob, even he wishes you a creeptastic birthday.  Have a good one x

Monday, 12 September 2011

Which Witch?

Well I managed to get this little painting done today in between wiping noses and the ten thousand other demands of my children.  I put it on a nesties that my hubby let me order as he is off with his friends this weekend so that was my treat.  Anyways he thinks she has a punky glare and my four year old when she saw it said why is her hat falling off! Haha I told her it's tilted probably on a hair clasp or something, then realised what the hell am I saying it isn't even real.

Anyways enjoyed painting this love the blue and the green colours together and I love anything halloweenie so good combo.

Andrea C x

HDH106 - Seven Deadly Sins

Haunted Design House challenge this week is to create a dark, Gothic, or Halloween-based art piece that uses or includes the Seven Deadly Sins as inspiration.

I personally found this one quite hard cos I am sleep deprived and zombified at the moment.  Every single bloomin night one of the kids has had us up for the last 3 to 4 weeks.  The two schoolies now have the cold and are coughing and spluttering everywhere.

I finally went with gluttony as I have been a bit of a glutton lately.  When I get tired it gets hard to say no to sugary substances which keep my eyes open and my body ticking (which while I know this not to be true as a banana would give me all the energy I need, when I am tired I don't give a ...)

Can you say no to cake?  Go on one little piece, you know he wants you too hehe x

Andrea C x

Monday, 5 September 2011

HDH105 - PMS Psychotic Miss Silver

Yup the girls have outdone themselves with the humour this week at haunted design housePsychotic Miss SIlver is the challenge and you are to use something silver with a psychotic lady.

Mine isn't that great but try as I would I found this one really hard.  I went for a crazy werewolf hunter used underworld girl for my main image with a few tweeks and added some silver backing.  I also used Susan's Crafty Chaos Designs Papers  I tried to make it look like a game.  This is a digital entry (as if that needed saying).

Anyway I am sure that even joe bloggs off the street could do better than my attempt.  So what are you waiting for!

Andrea C x