Monday, 27 February 2012

HDH122 - Which Witch are You?

At Haunted Design House we are having the challenge Which Witch are You?  Well I chose a good old fashioned ugly witch.  Although I would probably more likely be the old ugly cat witch.

This is a simple step by step.  I used newclay for the base ping pong balls for the eyes.  Nail polish to paint the eyes.  Acrylic paint for base coat then latex paint and added mica pearl powders and eyeshadow for definition.  For the hat I used a couple of felt sheets and some spider ribbon with a cat charm attached and for the buckle on the hat was a polymer charm I made.

Wet clay:
 Dry Clay:
 Eyes done:
 Base coat:
 Latex paint coat:
 Hat on woohoo:

Well get your witch on!  Come on which type of witch are you hehe.

I would like to also enter this in to the Forever Nights Challenge - anything goes.

Andrea C x

Monday, 20 February 2012

HDH121 - the Garden of Good and Evil

This weeks challenge at Haunted Design House is to create a dark, Gothic, or Halloween-based art piece that illustrates the battle between good and evil that is fought nightly in the garden of your imagination!

Show us the inhabitants of your garden,be they gnomes, plant life, fauna, fae, or something else entirely!

Well I chose to go with our own minion Teris digis for this one, she has a wonderful selection.  My colouring isn't the best in this one as my touchpad has been playing up a little but this is my garden of EVIL mwahahaha.

What good or evil do you have in your garden!!

Andrea C x

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Quoth the Raven - Annabel Lee

This week over at Quoth the Raven the challenge is to make a tribute to Annabel Lee.  I chose to use Poe with a pic from art freebies blog for annabel lee and the angels at the top are from ceremony share.  I also used one of our own Teris digis at the bottom to depict a demon.

I chose my favourite bit from the poem and worked with that.
Andrea C x

Monday, 13 February 2012

HDH120 - Love Lies Bleeding

At Haunted Design House this week is Love Lies Bleeding and you can depict LOVE in it's deadliest form - blood, angst, turmoil.

I have used two digis from Mo's Digital Pencil.  I love these images especially the Heartless one and the other one is called Hither (I think!).  I have put links to these as I saw the Heartless one on another blog and had to search to find it so I am making it easy for you lmao.  Mo is one talented lady and if you haven't heard of her you should be ashamed haha.  She has something for nearly every occassion and her drawings are just so professional and so full of character.

Well go check out the minions work and Teri has a lush new digi for you x

Friday, 10 February 2012

Dilly Beans Challenge - Zombie Love

What's not to love!

This week at the Dilly Beans Challenge blog, the challenge is zombie love.  Now if you haven't had the chance to glimpse some of the digis at the Silly Dilly Beans shop then I suggest going over for a peek.  There are at least 20 that I want.

Well I used the Olive digi and made her in to a zombie.  I thought I would use this for my hubby as he is a little braniac so I put I love your brain at the bottom.  I have used lots of mica pearl powders on this, my newest thing!

Below is a close up of the brain I used which is from Creepy Glowbuggs etsy shop where you can find lots of cool creations just like this brain embellishment, cards, jewellery and much much more.


Monday, 6 February 2012

HDH119 - Freakers Free for All

Well this week at Haunted Design House the challenge is a freakers free for all!  Yup you heard me anything goes as long as it is creepy, weird or macabre you can have an added dash of cute if that floats your boat.

Well I have made  a little sculpture which started out good but as usual I never got around to finishing it properly.  I couldn't have my clay tools out any more as the kids were getting super curious about them so I had to finish quickly and get them put away.  My craft stuff is kept in the garage which at the moment is like an ice cave so very not the work space.  If I want to craft I have to haul all of my stuff out of the garage and into the house then it has to be kept up high out of the kids reach so as you can imagine the place is a freaking mess.  Well to put an end to my ranting I just made the head which I was pleased with and I got too excited and added the hair forgetting I hadn't added the body and you can't put the hair in the oven!!!  Hence why she has a basic body with which the arms are super terrible and stuck her in some newclay for the base and then fashioned a dress around her. 

Her name is Lenore and SHE is pining for her lost love!

Anyway freakers free for all so this one should be super easy, get your thinking caps on or not and enter over at Haunted Design House.

Andrea C