Monday 24 June 2013

HDH170 - 13 Unlucky for Some

This week at Haunted Design House you have to use thirteen pieces on your project.

I am terrible at cardmaking so decided to paint thirteen things instead.  It took me longer than I thought to do so luckily I had more than a week to come up with mine.

Below are the thirteen zombies together.

13 zombies

The zombies individually:

Don't forget to check the Haunted Design House blog for more detail and to see the wonderful minions work.
Andrea C x

Tuesday 11 June 2013

HDH-169 Macabre Monday Holey Moley!

For the challenge this week at Haunted Design House you have to create a dark, Gothic, or Hallowe'en 
based art piece with more than one hole in it.
I was trying for a dragon egg but it didn't turn out well.  I had stamped the bottom layer with a Stampotique stamp then added another layer to be the holes but it never turned out. I think it looks more like something Freddy Krueger would lay lmao.
I used the technique I learned on one of the Andy Skinner courses (if you are interested there is a link in my sidebar called the Book of Ruination).

I just tore that off and started again and ended up with the egg below!
Holey Moley Freddy Type Dragon Egg
I am sure you guys can come up with better than this so get your thinking caps on.  Don't forget to go to Haunted Design House to check out the minions work.
Andrea C x

Monday 3 June 2013

Mirrors for Face Painting

I was asked to do some face painting for a fundraiser.  The theme is Fairies and Pirates so I decided to paint some mirrors to suit the theme.

Andrea C