Monday, 21 March 2011

Macabre Monday - Dastardly Divas

This week at Haunted Design House we are being sponsored by the extremely talented Barbara Jensen.  She has kindly given the design team the most beautiful Ivy image to work with. What a pleasure it was colouring this beauty up.  The challenge post is here.  The winner will get to choose three of the most fantastic Barbara Jensen images.  Now that's what I call a prize.

The challenge is that we want to see women who still look fabulous even when performing acts so vile and vicious that Dracula himself would blush.

I got this bottle for like 70p or something without a stopper.  I used an old whisky bottle stopper and dipped it in glitter to match the green.  It is a bottle to store poison ivy.  I used mod podge to seal the image and then glossed over it with 3d gel.  I attached some fibres and a leaf.

Below is the tag I made then printed and distressed.  The tag has all the names of poision ivy with which the witch can use for her potions.

As usual my pictures are so shockingly bad but hubby has promised to knock me up a little photo booth soon.

Anyway to win yourself a prize from Barbara Jensen all you have to do is enter and cross your fingers that you get picked and Bob's your uncle you might have a wonderful digi prize.

Andrea C x

Friday, 18 March 2011

Happy Birthday Barb

Well it is the Mistress of Macabre's birthday today.  Happy birthday Barb, hope you have a fantastic time.

I made a little digital birthday greeting using one of my drawing and adding fangs (True Blood need I say more!).  Some bats in the background.

This is the bat keyholder I have made, hope you have received it Barb.  I posted it about 10 days ago.

Happy Birthday

You have to check out what Glo made Barb.  OMG I have to get me some of those pumpkins and guess what she will be having them in her store.  You are one lucky gal Barb.

Luv and birthday hugs from Andrea x

Monday, 14 March 2011

Macabre Mondy HDH080 - Alas Poor Yorick

This week the challenge at Haunted Design house is skulls, skulls and more skulls.  Now I left it to the last minute and my entry is S.....!  Hubby actually said hmm not the best thing you have ever done.

This is a close up of the heart I made with the skull painting in the middle.  I painted it with acrylics.

I attached it to a folder which I keep all my guff in.

This was another frame I did that was also very guff.

Well I happen to have seen the delightful stuff that some of the minions have created and so so so much better than this hehe (I know wouldn't be very dang hard!).

Anyway I seriously had a hard time with this as the kids have been stuck in with the bad weather.  They haven't left me alone for two bloomin seconds, building dens, playing quizzes, chases, drawing and cutting etc etc etc.  The plus side though my little D'Arcy used the potty three times yesterday so we are getting there.

This week the sponsor is the most talented Gloria aka Creepy Glowbugg.  She is offering up a $20 prize for her etsy shop.  Have a look and see what wonderful jewellery, ornaments, cards and notebooks she has to offer.  Seriously get your thinking caps on and get entering for a chance to win this fabulous prize.

Andrea C x

Friday, 11 March 2011

Happy Birthday Susan

I would like to wish Susan from Susan's Crafty Chaos a most wonderful birthday.  Hope you have a great one whatever you are doing.

Susan's fave colour is purple and these fab papers and many many more are available from her online store crafty chaos designs or there is a linky on my sidebar.  Susan also loves cats hence the three cats and the purple dress on the girl.  Sorry for the sentiment being shiny I took this pic late at night and never checked them before I posted the card.

So Susan in the words of the teletubbies Big Hug, birthday style of course.

Andrea C x

Monday, 7 March 2011

Macabre Monday - HDH079 Body Bags and Toe Tags

At Haunted Design House this weeeks challenge is to create a dark, Gothic, or Halloween-based bag or tag project in a suitably macabre fashion.

Please don't judge the others work by this as mine is a bit childish and theirs are so stylish and fantastic.  I made this as a gift bag for a Zombie Escape Plan that I plan on making in the near future if I get time (haha).  Susan from Susan's Crafty Chaos has managed to win herself a place in my escape plan purely for her organisational skills and wit hehe. 

All of the elements you can take off and use.  I made the keychains at the top with polymer clay.  There are two toes, a bone, a zombie toe, a cofffin and an eyeball.  The middle bit with the zombie girl is a brooch with an image I drew from Return of the Living Dead.  The top is a toe tag which can be used as a bookmark and has a toe attached to it also.

Anyways hope you all have a lovely day and defo go to Haunted Design House to have a peek their work is phenomenal and a little bit creepy mwahahaha.

Andrea C x