Wednesday 20 January 2010

Gift Tube for Stamped Candle

Again this is a tutorial that Jane did for the Whiff of Joy tutorial section here. I made it for my MIL's birthday. It isn't very good, as I didn't have any acetate. I am absolutely rubbish at measuring etc etc etc. The one that Jane did was amazing, she is so talented.

For the tube I used a laminate sheet and put some flowers inside before laminating it. I messed up the bottom, it looked all ruffled so I put some lace with ribbon through it to cover it up. The top fluffy ribbon was also to cover up the mess I made at the top hahaha. The whole thing was just one big cover up haha.

The ribbon on the top here was for when the lid was lifted off, cos let's just say my cutting was an absolute mess. I am so tired at the moment as my son has a little virus and my two girls haven't been sleeping for the last couple of months what with teething and nightmares about spiders hmm.

The lid I just put three, Prima flower I think with little material flowers in the middle and a few flat backed pearls to jazz it up a little. The paper I used were from a docrafts goody bag I got either last year or the year before haha. Three kids later and I have no concept of time or anything actually!

Above is the tag I made for it, to match the candle. I stamped sweet and sassy stamp on the same card and put some pink string through it with a sandal charm. I have some whiff of joy stamps but for this one I decided my MIL would like this image.

So this is a pic of the finished product. Not the best you would see but considering the amount of booboo's (baby language is very catching) I made it isn't so bad.
Anyway if you like the idea of the gift tube then check out Jane's blog or the tutorial she did for the Whiff of Joy website, there are links at the top of this post.

Stamped Image on Candle

I decided to try this after seeing Jane's tutorial at the Whiff of Joy website here. I always thought it would be so complicated and it was so easy. If you wanted to give it a go and didn't know what to do check out Jane's tutorial it is great.
Andrea x

Saturday 16 January 2010

Johnny Cash Sketch Framed

Second ever post on my blog ooooh hehe. Anyway my FIL loves Jhnny Cash so my hubby said that his dad would probably love this sketch I did in a frame. I had an old canvas with a painting that wasn't really up to much, so I ripped the canvas off and used the frame. Below is the completed frame, haha this is finished I hear you say. Yes it is finished!

Below is the blank frame I used:

To this frame I spritzed it with glimmer mist the slate one. I then painted the sides with brown acrylic paint and dabbed it when dry with a silver ink pad.

I aged some paper with tea and rolled it up like a little scroll, to which we will put a birthday message for my FIL, this is inside a spacer bead I had.

Johnny Cash seemingly believed he was part native american and when researching his history found out he had Scottish ancestors. So I added a little indian and scottish touch.

I put some aged paper and put two holes through it and threaded some papery type thread and attached two cowboy boots to it. Wowee hehe.

I won't bore you with any more pictures. Well that is my first craft entry on my blog, not really all that but hey I did it while looking after three very young children so give me a break haha, when I'm still using excuses in a few years time then we know it is the workperson and not her tools hehe.

If anybody actually did look and was bored enough to read this, then thank you for giving me some of your precious time. x

Friday 15 January 2010

I have finally joined Blogland!

After seeing all of the wonderful blogs, I have decied to bite the bullet and open up a blog account. I will be slow in getting it organised as I really don't have a lot of spare time what with the little ones so bare with me. x